Be A Star - Donate To MLR

Every year an unimaginable number of animals come to Missing Link. We are not limited to just dogs and cats. We take in and try to find homes for just about any type of animal. We currently have dogs, cats, horses, goats, pigs, sheep and feral cat colonies.

Our numbers are very high because we are a no kill rescue. We don't euthanize merely to make room. If an animal isn't adopted, it lives out his/her life with food, water and a good clean shelter.

It is very expensive to maintain an operation as large as ours. We have huge feed bills as well as Veterinary bills, medication, heartworm & flea prevention expense.

We are truly grateful for any amount you can give. 100% of all money goes directly to the animals. No one at Missing Link gets a salary. Won't you PLEASE help us continue to help these deserving and loving animals?

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